John Chew (poslfit) wrote,
John Chew

travel update, back at NRT

Thu 19 Nov 2009 22:36:13 EST

I slept in until about 8:00 A.M. local time, and didn't feel as
tired as I did the night before, so that must mean I'm refreshed.
Forgoing the $40 room service American breakfast, or even the $27
continental one, I snacked on some sembei that I had brought, along
with some green tea I made in the room. I Skyped with the family
until their bathtime, at which point I went downstairs to check

After doing so, I found a well-stocked convenience store in the
lobby, which sold not only souvenirs and travellers' supplies, but
also a decent amount of convenience food, a gastronomic realm in
which the Japanese are sans pareil. After some dithering, I settled
on three different types of dried squid (I might even save some for
the family, unless I get hungry in Johor Bahru) and two cod-roe
rice balls in the nifty dual plastic wrapper that separates the
nori from the rice until you pull off the release tab. I passed
on a wide variety of bento, figuring I would just fill up on free
noodles and sake at the ANA lounge at Narita.

The shuttle bus to the airport left the hotel and arrived at the
airport on time to the minute, according to the published schedule.
On the way into the airport we all had to show our passports to two
security guards who boarded the bus at a checkpoint; that process
took less than a minute including all the necessary bowing.

At the airport however, the ANA check-in staff said that my flight
is actually operated by Thai Air, and while ANA lets you check in
for any flight as early as you want on the same day, Thai won't be
open until three hours before departure. Taihen osore irimasu.

So I had a negi-toro-ikura-don for $12, and it was yummy, and I
could not believe how quickly the donburi was prepared. It came in
less than two minutes, and I think it would take me at least five
minutes even if I had all the ingredients, which in turn would take
me a few hours. But I may have to soak the ANA lounge for *two*
bowls of noodles now.

There is marginally more shopping in the terminal outside security
than in, but it's not a huge difference. There's a tiny branch of
Hakuhinkan (the toy store on the Ginza), and a little bookstore,
neither of which had what I was looking for. Or I could just have
been too tired and hungry to look; I may go back afterward to look
again if I have the time and the energy.
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