John Chew (poslfit) wrote,
John Chew

Arrival in Bangkok

Mon 20 Jun 2011 22:29:52 EDT

Not much to report about the ANA flight from Tokyo to Bangkok last night. The food was truly awful, the worst I'd had in an airplane in years. The noodles managed to be simultaneously rubbery and soggy, and there was one dish that did not look at all appetizing which I regret both tasting and not being able to identify, to help warn people away from it in future. I should have brought along takeout from the ANA lounge!

I fell asleep for about four hours, which I'm hoping will help me cope with jet lag, the idea being to have two four-hour sleeps in a 36-hour period while shifting through an 11-hour time difference. When I woke up, I tried again to watch 3:10 To Yuma (the 2007 Russell Crowe version), for I think the third time in an airplane, and got almost all the way to the end (possible spoiler: at the point where they shut down video for landing, the rancher was trying to get the villain from a hotel to a prison train while everyone in the town was shooting at them). I didn't mind too much though, as the overhead monitors then came online with what looked like a live video feed off the landing gear, which was cool to watch. It also helped reassure me that we weren't going to die, after some exceptional turbulence earlier in the flight over Laos, enough for light objects to be thrown about on my seatback tray.

Everything went smoothly as usual at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport. Ravee Joradol met me at our customary rendezvous location, and took me to Thipsamai to meet Amnuay for two plates of the world's best pad thai. Then it was off to my hotel, a quick Skype with my family, and off to bed for another four-hour sleep.
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